Secrets to Develop Your Poetic Writing

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  • Developing Your Writing
  • Broadening Your Poetic Voice And Style
  • Collaborating & Growing Your Poetry

One Thing I Need You to Know...

You don’t need to be published, you don’t need to have won a contest. You only need to feel that pull of language, the need to write from your heart, to discover a deeper part of yourself, to heal and transform, to understand what at this moment might be unexplainable. And at that moment you start to write, you are a poet. I invite you, to join me in this masterclass because you are a poet no matter what stage of the journey you are in

About Heidi

Award-winning poet, Pushcart Prize nominee and best-selling author, Heidi Sander’s poems have appeared in literary journals, anthologies, and multiple artistic collaborations. She is the founder of “Pathways To Poetry”, a multimedia online program that helps emerging and established poets develop their writing, publish their poetry, and promote their work.

She also has extensive experience in the literary world as the founder of organizations such as Blue Moon Publishers, Stratford Writers Festival, and DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency.


We are all poets! You are a poet as much as your neighbour is a poet, and as much as I am a poet.
This is always an important notion to hold onto no matter where you are at in your poetic journey. If you're starting out, you may need confidence, and if you're established, you may need encouragement if your creativity has hit a wall, or you've received a few too many rejections.
If you're not sure where to start, or you feel stuck with your writing join my free masterclass to learn how I can help you!